Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow has Finally Arrived!

We actually have snow. That seems like a very strange thing to say in New England, but this is the first significant snow we've had this winter. I won't count the bizarre storm in October since no one could play outside because of all the wires and trees. Besides, it wasn't winter yet anyway. So today we finally introduced Maggie to the white stuff. It was received with mixed reviews, but I did get some pictures which was really my purpose for getting her outside. She doesn't have any boots and her snowsuit doesn't have feet. I tried putting on a pair of "fashion" boots that were too big, but she had them off in no time. Overall, she didn't really want to sit in it, but she didn't mind being held and watching it snow around her. The boys wanted to build a snowman. We had a hard time rolling it so it's more of a made-in-place blob than a snowman.  There's always next time.

We weren't out for long. Because Maggie didn't have any shoes on and all. But it was nice to frolic in the snow for a few minutes. Next year will be very exciting when we can go sledding and do lots of fun snow activities all together. Since this blog is new, I'm going to start catching up on old pictures on Fridays. A little Friday Flashback. I will start tomorrow with pictures of Braeden and Evan the first time they were in the snow. I love looking through pictures I haven't seen in a while. Happy Snow Day!

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