Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Centerpiece

Stacy told Jen and I about seeing this centerpiece that someone had posted on Facebook.

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We decided we'd try recreate it for Easter. I found it on Pinterest, but none of the pictures were linked to actual instructions so we did what we thought would work best, knowing that there isn't a whole green thumb between the three of us, and the little bit we do have belongs solely to Stacy. Not unexpectedly, we waited for the very last minute to put ours together, so we are praying that our grass grows in time. 

We gathered our bases, plastic containers, soil, rocks, sticks and grass seed. We put soil into the flower pot base and then put in our plastic containers to make the tomb. 

Then we used a medium sized rock for a tomb door. 

More dirt and some grass seed and we had a tomb built into a hill.

We added some pebbles for a path and watered our grass seed.


We made crosses to go in them out of twigs and a hot glue gun. We had to cover them in plastic wrap and put them in the sun to help the grass grow, so we won't add the crosses until the grass has grown some.

Hopefully in a week or so it will look just like this:
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