Monday, March 5, 2012

Feeling Refreshed

This morning I am a bit out of sorts. Out of order really. I usually always eat breakfast after I drop Braeden off at school. Today, I was so ahead of schedule, that I ate before I left. Now I don't know what to do with myself. Should I get to the laundry that seems to never end? I could empty the dishwasher. Or maybe I'll bake something with Evan. It's one of his favorite activities, which delights me, because it's one of my favorites too!

I'm feeling refreshed today. Last night I got to sleep most of the night. No throwing up for Evan. Just a couple of trips to the bathroom because his little belly still isn't right. That's better than we've done in almost a week. Saturday night, he threw up once, had to go to the bathroom twice, and then decided to watch TV from 1:00am until 2:30am. After he requested that I get and feed him a yogurt at 2:30, we were off to bed, only to get up again at 6:30am because he was ready for the day. I require far more sleep than that, which is why last night felt like a gift.

Yesterday I got to spend a couple of hours with two of my closet friends. We attended an Initials, Inc. party and then lounged in Jen's living room for a while before it was time to return to reality. It is important to know that Jen makes some of the best hot chocolate ever. Okay, maybe that's only important to me, but if you're ever at her house, make sure she makes you some. Creamy, chocolate goodness. We got to catch up and watch one of her daughter's put on a very shy version of Cinderella on the makeshift stage she had created while we didn't even notice. Granted, she didn't move or say anything, but watching her stand there in her princess dress was entertaining too. Then she moved on to making her stage into a fort. We also moved on, but to the important task of checking movie times for Friday night. They don't list them that far ahead for our theater. Now you know. It was a really wonderful afternoon and I felt ready to come home and face another, hopefully much healthier, week.

I am so grateful for these two ladies.
Jen (aka: The Hot Chocolate Queen)

I'm lucky I got her to leave my house to go to the party after Maggie starting working her snuggle magic.


She can always be counted on for Aunty Lovin'. This picture is from November, but I love it.

It was a really great way to end the weekend. Now back to my regularly scheduled programming.

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