Sunday, March 11, 2012

Movie Night

On Friday night, I put on my "fancy clothes" (Braeden saw me putting on different earrings than usual and wanted to know why I was getting dressed all fancy) and went with some friends to see This Means War. Of course up until about 25 minutes before the movie, we didn't know that's what we were going to see. When we left, we hadn't decided on a movie or if we'd eat before or after. We did know what time our choices were playing, but hadn't actually come up with a plan yet. We ended up deciding that because two of us needed to go to Target first, we'd go see This Means War and eat after. I knew I'd seen a preview at some point but I really didn't know much about the movie. I really liked it. It was an action movie/romantic comedy and provided enough of both to make it appealing to men and women (at least in my opinion). All the actors were really good and suited their roles perfectly. It's definitely worth seeing.

This Means War Poster

After the movie and a largely indecisive discussion about where to eat, we headed to Chili's for dinner. As we have done before, we closed the place down. Our waitress was cleaning all of the tables around us and loudly checking the salt and pepper shakers. I don't blame her, it was late and we hadn't added anything to our bill in over an hour. But she did tell us not to hurry... It was great to get out. I haven't been to the movies since the last time we all went together before I even knew I was pregnant with Maggie. Hopefully we won't wait that long before the next time. Right ladies?? 

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