Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maggie's 2nd Birthday Party

On Sunday we celebrated Maggie's 2nd birthday with our incredible family and friends. My children are so lucky to have so many people who love them and make every occasion wonderful and memorable. We did some decorating the night before since we were going to be celebrating my dad's birthday on Sunday morning and I knew I wouldn't have much time to get things all together that day. I used the colors of her birthday shirt as inspiration for the overall décor. Lots of pink and teal which is very trendy right now so it was easy to find.

The birthday girl wasn't into posing for pictures. As a matter of fact she has been telling me "no camera" and pointing to someplace for me to put it down. I really wanted a good picture of her in her cute birthday outfit, but the best I could do was catch her on the swing.
She loves having people to sing Happy Birthday to her and beamed the entire time that we sang. She tried really hard to blow out her candles, but one just wouldn't go out so I helped a little.

She tore right into her presents. Most of the time she didn't even care what was inside, she just moved on to more unwrapping.

It was extremely hot and sticky out so the kids eventually started to play in the kiddie pool. I wasn't outside in the beginning, but I'm going to guess that Maggie was the first one in.
Soon enough the kids moved from the pool to our own "water slide". They had a blast!

All of the water fun left the birthday girl with a bit of a "big" diaper.
She and Evan had a late supper because they were too busy to eat with everyone else earlier.
We had lots of fun celebrating!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Maggie is Two!

Maggie Grace turned 2 last Thursday. My precious little girl is such a joy in our lives. We are beyond blessed that she joined our family two years ago and made us complete. Children change so much so quickly in these early years and I have been amazed as I have watched Maggie learn to walk and talk and keep up with her brothers over the last year. She is even starting to know some of her colors which officially means she's not a baby anymore!

We were in Maine for her birthday. How much luckier can a kid get than celebrating her birthday on the beach? She sang happy birthday to herself all day long and encouraged anyone around her to join in. She is an amazing little person who I cannot wait to continue to watch grow. She is independent and determined, incredibly sweet and ridiculously polite. She has become a big fan of princesses, especially Sofia the First, Dora and Doc McStuffins. She has a love for the water and jumps right in any time we get to the pool. She could swing for hours if someone is willing to push.

A My Little Pony Microphone

A Tangled cake

I am a lucky mommy to have this little girl to love.
Happy Birthday Mags!!

Maine 2013

Last week was the busiest week ever for us! We went to Maine, celebrated Maggie's 2nd birthday and brought our new puppy Lucy home. It was a whirlwind, but we made lots of wonderful memories. Our friends rent a house in Wells, ME and invited us to come spend some time with them at the beach. We stayed in a hotel but spent the days playing and adventuring with them.

My kids love the ocean. All three of them run right into the water whenever we go. It was all I could do to get sunscreen on them the first day before they took off and got all sandy and wet. The days can get long with little ones, but fortunately we had our friend's house to take breaks in when someone needed a rest or nap. It was a hit or miss weather week, but we didn't care. We enjoyed the beach in the sun, the clouds and the rain!

Early morning wake up call! Thank goodness our kids travel really well (even when we dragged them out of bed).
Brayden and Braeden beach ready!

Strutting her stuff to the beach

Learning to boogie board

They tried to bury Roman

Maggie wanted to get buried too!


Beach version of corn hole. This kept them busy for hours!


Snuggling before bed in the hotel

 Mini-golf is a must when on vacation

The best picture of all five kids.. (maybe next year)


Photo shoot on the beach at night


They jumped in waves until they couldn't feel their hands and feet!

Waiting to ride the wave!

Supervising the corn hole game

My beach beauty enjoying an oreo on her birthday

He slept like this through a downpour!
We had a great time! It went by quickly but the upside of having to come home was picking up Lucy the next day. I love making memories with my family and it's even more fun to do it with friends!