Monday, March 26, 2012

Roman's Birthday Weekend

Roman got to celebrate his birthday several times. I personally believe everyone should get to celebrate their birthday for an entire week. Aren't we all worth it? We started with a small cake for just our little family on his actual birthday. Then we had a real cake to celebrate with my family at pizza night on Friday. It was fun to see some friends of my brothers who were visiting from New York so we had two reasons to celebrate. The grand finale was on Saturday night when we went out to dinner with our close friends, Neil and Melissa. 

The evening started like this:
Melissa determined that Roman MUST have a birthday hat. We spent some serious time at iParty looking at the many hat choices. We eventually decided on the boa and the rest progressed from there. I see a pimp, though I think he's channeling a lot of Elton John's vibe too. 

We had a great dinner, even though the guys were apparently less than satisfied with the food. When I get a chance to go out without kids, it's far more about the company for me, so I very much enjoyed myself. We talked and laughed for far longer than we ate. Oh well, no one kicked us out so I guess it wasn't bothering anyone too much. I think all parents need good friends to be able to go out and let go with. Life is too short to not take moments out to let loose and have some fun. 

By the end of the night, I had acquired the fantastic get-up. I think I look pretty awesome. I hope you had a great birthday weekend honey! I know I enjoyed it all.

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