Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Flashback - Baby Pictures

We got a little better with each child about what pictures to take at the hospital to really capture the moments. With Braeden, we were so overwhelmed with becoming parents that we only have a few pictures from those first couple of days that are mostly of us feeding him and who came to visit. Evan's album is a little more complete capturing his original weight check and even a picture of me before he was delivered. We didn't get one of those with Braeden. I was so far into labor by the time we got to the hospital with B that it was immediately go time. There was no time for posing for a last picture of him inside of me. Again with Maggie there was a time crunch, so no before picture for her either. But with her we do have some pictures immediately following her birth (no worries, I won't be posting those) and some posed shots in the hospital. All in all, I feel like the pictures of all three capture the memories of three amazing days that I will cherish forever. The pictures in this post are from the first few months of the kids lives.



I can't help adding this one. I love this picture of the two boys. Braeden was so thrilled to be a big brother!


This is as good as it gets with all three. If anyone has any great suggestion for taking pictures of kids in a group, please feel free to share.

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