Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sick Days and Cuteness

My boys handle being sick very differently. Evan only lets it get him down if he's in pain or has a really high fever. Braeden on the other hand, gets a cold and ends up on the couch. The reactions are very fitting to their overall personalities.

 Evan using being sick as a chance to play the Wii

 Braeden using being sick as a chance to do nothing

Maggie isn't sick, but I couldn't resist posting these pictures of her from today. 

She's holding it there with her mouth

 Her cheesy smile

My pretty girl

I'm glad that Evan is better and Braeden is on the mend because today we're finally getting some snow and I'd hate for them to miss the chance to play in it. It's supposed to be warmer and rain this weekend so I don't think it will last all that long. Maybe we can even get Maggie outside playing in the snow for the first time ever!

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