Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Caribbean Dreamin'

Yesterday afternoon I sat down on the couch, tilted my head back so that my face could feel the afternoon sun through the window and pretended I was in a beach chair on a nice tropical island. It lasted for about 16 seconds. Then two of my reality checks landed on my lap to "snuggle". Bye-bye moment of escape. Hello Braeden and Evan.

Roman and I were fortunate to be able to travel before we had children. My favorite trip by far was for our first anniversary when we went to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. We were care-free and all we had to worry about in the world was enjoying ourselves.


Unfortunately I don't have pictures from before Braeden was born on my computer because I have some cool pictures of us swimming with dolphins and taking a dinner cruise with fire dancers. The food was bad on that cruise, but the entertainment was oh so fun. Atlantis has so much to offer and someday maybe we'll be able to take the kids back with us.

We've also been to the Dominican Republic, but we booked that trip last minute and our accommodations could have been better. Let's just say, stay away from Juan Dolio when planning your next getaway. Unless of course you enjoy having to walk by a local in a lawn chair with a sawed-off every day. Roman had been to Punta Cana before and figured it couldn't be all that different. Um...wrong. 

Instead of this:
Image Detail

Think this:
Image Detail

Obviously this was not inside of our resort, but I could have yelled to the guy with the shotgun mentioned above, who had a lovely home like this, from our hotel window. 

I dream of returning to sunshine and palm trees. My aversion to flying plays a major role in our staying stateside. Well that and the fact that we have three children and very little money these days. But oh, what I would do to lay on a chair with my face to the sun for even a few hours uninterrupted. For now I'll spend my time Caribbean Dreamin', but maybe someday I'll get to go back...


  1. yes! I will too! Right now sunroom feet up--should I rub on sunscreen for the effect?

  2. For sure! Then when you close your eyes, it will smell like you're on vacation too. I'll have to try that sometime :)