Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Weekend of the Plague

Oh my goodness gracious have we been sick around here. It started on Thursday when the school nurse called to tell me Braeden needed to come home. He hadn't eaten much the night before and complained of a headache on and off so I wasn't overly surprised. We went and got him and waited to see what would happen next. Friday morning rolled around and Maggie woke up less than her usual perky self. Uh-oh. As we were leaving to take Evan to school, I saw something coming out of her nose which unfortunately, isn't a rare occurrence these days. It turned out to be a cantaloupe seed and I was filled with false hope that that was what was making her cranky and she would be much improved without the sizable obstruction up her nose. Well, it wasn't the seed after all. Her mood didn't improve and by mid morning Evan's teacher called to send him home.

By lunchtime on Friday I had three kids with fevers, bad moods and body aches. Delightful really. However, I didn't know how delightful until I got out of bed on Saturday after a night of almost no sleep and managing aching and crying children to realize that I hurt ALL OVER. I became even more sympathetic to the plight of my poor children as I realized the seriousness of this particular plague that had come to plant itself in our house for a few days. The kids napped on and off all day and I was lucky to sneak in a couple of naps myself. The upside is that no one was vomiting and that is always a plus when illness is around.

Today is Sunday and we are improving. Braeden seems almost himself and is interested in eating again and hasn't needed any medicine to make him comfortable today. Maggie and Evan are a day behind so they are still cranky, but I know that they will be better soon too. I feel like I could go to bed for days, but this too shall pass and I'm really hoping that by tomorrow we are all ready to go for a new week. I snuck out of the house for a little while today to do some shopping with a friend for next weekend. Thank goodness she said something because getting ready for Easter wasn't even on my radar yet. That wouldn't have gone well come Easter morning. Hard to explain that the Easter bunny had trouble because Mommy didn't feel good and forget to invite him over. No worries though, thanks to Erin we are now good to go.

Good bye plague and don't you come back no more no more. Don't you come back no more!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

My Little Leprechauns 

Last year on St. Patrick's Day
Wow! They've all changed a lot!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Catch-Up By Way of Complete Randomness

Much like the weather recently which has shifted from beautifully spring like to cold, windy and dreary, my mood had followed suit. I think that I'm totally ready for spring and being outdoors everyday and each time we get snow AGAIN, it feels like we're getting locked back inside for longer. Bleh. We have been making the most of both situations however from continuing with ski lessons for Braeden (Evan is done for this year) to spending an afternoon outside swinging and playing games.

We've spent lots of time recently at basketball games. Actually I've spent a lot of time at games and Roman and the kids have come to the ones that are early enough in the day. Our friend Scott's team made it to the Western Mass Finals so we were there in force cheering them on last Saturday. Unfortunately they didn't win, but it was a successful season none the less and hopefully they will be back there and win it next year. Through all of this and the Wii of course, Evan has become very interested in basketball and plays inside when it's cold out and we just got his outdoor hoop back out for the nicer days. 

Maggie is talking like crazy! The girl starting "talking" before a year old, but now we really understand what she's saying and she will try to mimic anything we say to her. It's very funny to listen to and so cute to hear her try to pronounce all of the things around her. Her favorite word these days is Ebo (meaning Evan) and she uses it often and loudly. Her second favorite would be blankie because her blanket is second to nothing in her life. It has been her go-to since she was born and I don't see that relationship ending any time soon. She's also very into her slide and horses these days and loves being a cowgirl. 

We're getting ready to celebrate Daddy's birthday next week. Yay! On top of that we're very happily celebrating a very successful first month at his new school. He is quickly getting very involved and enjoying the people he works with and the students he's teaching. He'll be one of the coaches for track so we might head out to watch a meet at some point this spring. 

All is well around here and I'm hoping 2013 continues to bring great things for us as a family. It's been great so far and we're only three months in. And to think I was always superstitious enough to avoid the number 13. I guess I've learned my lesson this year.