Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bring On The Outdoor Play

I love this time of year. I feel so much better all the way around. The fresh air gives me more energy and motivation to do all kinds of things. Because we've been having such exceptional weather recently, we've started getting in some quality outdoor play time. The kids really love going for walks and since the campus next to us is still empty, we have full freedom to wander and explore. I was all set to take pictures of them on campus yesterday, but because I'm so organized and together, my memory card was in my computer at home. So I had to settle for my phone. We ran into a woman and her dogs and Evan played fetch with them for a few minutes. We collected rocks and I let Braeden give us directions to get home. We're practicing left and right and he did great! After we got home, the boys wanted to play hopscotch and ride the gator. Maggie did some swinging and they all tried to pose for some pictures. I must admit they are getting better, but I won't be entering any photo contests.


enjoyed eating our shoes..

tried out the slide..

checked out the gator..

pulled some hair..

played basketball..

...and hopscotch

rode bikes..

and saw a plane!

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