Saturday, August 31, 2013

On My Summer Vacation I..(Braeden)

Braeden had an incredibly busy summer this year. He was really excited to start trying some sports camps and although I was leery, I let him go for it. He loved them all. It was a summer of growth for him both physically and emotionally as he has become increasingly coordinated and learned to be more independent. It was all very positive and has given me a much clearer picture of the boy he is to become.

This summer he:
1. Went to baseball camp. (No pictures because I didn't want to be THAT mom)

2. Went to several Keene Swamp Bat games (a college level summerbaseball team)

3. Went to basketball camp

4. Took swimming lessons and became a much better swimmer

5. Enjoyed a beach vacation and learned to boogie board

6. Took golf lessons for the second year (The last day they played a scramble and the group played his shot for the last three strokes!)
7. Went to the Drive-in for the first time!
Braeden had a fantastic summer from start to finish. He spent LOTS of time playing with his friends and cousins. He tried new things and gained a ton of confidence in his own abilities. He has discovered new interests and continued to grow in the things that he already enjoyed. I always hate to see summer end, but Braeden was counting down the days until he could go back to school and see his friends and start the first grade. I think he'd agree that the summer of 2013 was a huge success!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New School Year

We had the most amazing summer. I feel badly that I did such a terrible job documenting all of the good times, but I spent so much time enjoying everything that I didn't take many pictures!

Evan started school last week. He wasn't real happy that he had to start so much sooner than Braeden, but I assured him that next year when he's a Kindergartener (gulp), he'll get to start later than both Maggie and Braeden. He was quite pleased with that information.

Evan's First Day 8/19/13

Braeden started this morning and has been counting down the days since last week. He is so excited to be a first grader and sit in the big chairs in the cafeteria. It's the little things :) I am so proud of how easily he transitions. It makes it so much easier for me to drop him off and go about my day when I know he is happy and confident at school.
Braeden's First Day 8/28/13