Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day

What fun it is to decorate in shades of red and talk about love constantly. I love to do Valentines activities with the kids. We make hearts for the windows, cards for grandparents and of course, valentines for school. And with the help of Pinterest, all of these things have gotten even easier, so I have so many wonderful ideas I'd love to put to use.

Braeden and Evan like solid chocolate, but aren't really into sweets otherwise. So instead of buying them candy that they won't eat, I made them these buckets this year. (They do have some Lindt chocolate balls).

Braeden told me his was "just perfect." Yay! I love to be creative and try to come up with things that look cute and they will really like. Each of the boys got a book, a movie, and some sort of art activity, plus the chocolate balls.

Maggie got some snacks, some socks, a book and the stacker toy. Evan had been refusing to let her play with the one we already had. It was so funny. Every time she would play with it, he would stack it all back up and just hold it in his lap. It seemed simple enough to just get Maggie her own.

No Valentine picture of Evan because he wasn't in the mood. I'm sure there are many other years that he'll be more cooperative and I will definitely have my camera ready!

To my surprise, I even got a gift this year. Roman and I don't usually exchange, but I was thrilled to wake up to a Got All Your Marbles necklace. It's such a simple piece of jewelry that can be changed up to go with anything. Thanks honey, you rock.

The kids and I made some Valentine Swirl Cookies too for the occasion. They were lots of fun and looked really great. Since I wasn't blogging a week ago, I didn't think to take a picture of them. Next time.

We had a great day. Now it's time to "pin my way" (this makes sense for all the Pinterest users out there) to St. Patrick's Day.

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