Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Fun-Filled Friday with Friends

Friday was a busy, but fun-filled day. Roman and I went with the boys to meet up with some friends from Connecticut at the Butterfly Museum. Maggie had a nice relaxing day snuggling with my mom. I don't think she's ready for low flying butterflies just yet. Wendy and Katrina got stuck in traffic on the way up which gave us time to let the boys walk around Yankee Candle for a while before we headed over to the museum. Braeden loves to follow the trains through the different rooms and watch them go through tunnels and over bridges. The elaborate decorations and room themes are lost on him due to his eyes being constantly focused near the ceiling. I felt so free walking around without having to hold, push or carry anyone or anything. Even Evan was really good and walked around without running or touching things he shouldn't. I paid for that freedom a little later. Let's just say, Evan does not care for butterflies.

Evan when we got to the Butterfly Museum

He did attempt to look at a bird while we were inside

But in his defense, I didn't really like it either. I'm not a fan of anything flying around near me, especially around my head. I know several people who travel quite a distance to go to Magic Wings, but I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon. Katrina and Wendy had fun even though I'm pretty sure we rushed them with our barely 10 minute adventure inside. I had one child in my arms and Braeden dragging me by the arm towards the door. Point taken boys. I'm with you.

Braeden did pose for a few pictures inside near the butterflies. He tried to smile, but these days there is always some sort of contortion involved. I'm hoping that's typical 5 year old behavior.

Katrina was pointing out butterflies

 They were both so happy to get a chance to see each other

Before we left, Evan enjoyed the movie they were showing..HA!

After our very short $28 walk through the tropics, we headed to Friendly's to get some lunch. No one can cover their eyes at Friendly's. All 3 kids had to sit on one side with Wendy, so Roman and I had a whole big comfy side all to ourselves. The day was like being on a date!

After lunch we came back to our house so the kids could play. Braeden, Evan and Katrina spent some serious time making booby traps. That's really putting Jake and the Neverland Pirates to good use boys (and girl). Such a fun day. Hopefully we'll get to hang out with those Letsch ladies again soon.

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