Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For the Birds

February vacation in New England guarantees one of two things: we'll be sledding every day or it will feel like April. There really seems to be no in between here. The weather so far this week has been in the mid-forties and the spring fever is palpable. We have yet to have another snow storm after the foot we got the week of Halloween. The kids have been riding bikes and playing in the sandbox all "winter" long. A few weeks ago I found birdhouse kits for Braeden and Evan at an amazing price at a store in town.

It took 3 attempts, but finally they considered their work masterpieces and let them dry so that Daddy could help them assemble their houses and hang them up outside. I don't have pictures of the assembly, but I'm sure Roman did the work and the boys may or may not have watched. Evan will usually give it a couple more minutes than Braeden, but it's Daddy's way or the highway and the boys generally choose the highway.

Today in the beautiful spring-like weather, the birdhouses made it to their new homes. Braeden very proudly hung his outside of the living room window so we can see it.

Evan, however, chose the "pee tree" on the other side of the house for his birdhouse. (I know, I know, but if you have boys, you totally understand).

Now we wait and watch to see if any birds will see these beauties and decide to call them home. 

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