Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Week

Maggie Grace, you light up my life. I am so amazed every day at the little person that you are. Content, joyful and tolerant (thank goodness) of your big brothers, you very easily adapt to whatever is going on around you. You have had a very big week this week and I'm so happy to have a place to actually document these exciting moments as they are happening. You started waving bye-bye. You really enjoy waving at everyone you see.

Recently you have been making the ma ma ma ma sound to try it out, but on Tuesday you said it intentionally (in a rather demanding way I might add). Apparently I was not getting the food to your mouth fast enough. Speaking of food, you completely prefer to feed yourself which makes for some interesting meal times. You really need to get some teeth so you can have a more interesting variety of finger foods. By the looks and feel of it, that might be sooner than later. Your brothers didn't get teeth until 7 months either, so I'm not surprised it's taking so long.

I also saw you try to clap yesterday. You aren't quite there yet, but you enjoyed trying. I love watching you try new things. It's almost as if I can see your little brain putting the pieces together.

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