Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feel Me Flow

Admit it, you know the song. Naughty By Nature circa 1995. I've actually seen them in concert, have you? And the best part? My friend Jill and I went with one of our teachers. Yes, because that is how we rolled in the 90's. My parents said we had to have a chaperone, and really, were we going to take one of them? Besides, Peg was as cool as us. After all, she was hanging out with two 17 year olds at a Hip Hop concert. Was it called Hip Hop then? Or was it still Rap? I think we all learned a lesson about ourselves that night. Enough said.

 Anyway, back to my point. Oh wait, I never actually started making a point.

The other day, the kids and I were in the kitchen baking. This is quite common in our house. Evan especially enjoys baking anything at anytime, though he most often requests brownies so he can lick the spoon. I know, I know. No need for lectures. It never killed me. I'm pretty sure he'll live. Again, beside the point.

Back to baking...

We were having a grand ol' time and I had brought my computer in and had itunes playing on shuffle. We probably started with something fun like a Kidz Bop song and then I heard it. Feel Me Flow. Probably not the most appropriate choice for a 5 and 2 year old. (Maggie was to busy feeding herself baby snacks to even know we were there). So yeah, they've heard Red Solo Cup, but I'm pretty sure two "country" curse words don't quite match up to Naughty By Nature. I don't think either of them were really paying attention since it wasn't a song they knew, but I felt that it would be irresponsible of me not to put the Public Service Announcement out there to never let your itunes play on shuffle if you have  a mix of music like I do.

End of PSA.

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  1. Oh a similiar situation happens in our house far too often and it isn't until they try to sign alongn that I realize I should change the song - MOM OF THE YEAR!