Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The stomach bug has arrived at our house. I hope it does its business and moves on quickly. So far three of us are sick and I'm doing my best to keep it away from Braeden and Maggie. I know it's a long shot, but I need to be hopeful about something. I really dislike being sick, especially when I have to take care of four other people. I did get to rest for a little while tonight and I feel quite a bit better as a result. Too bad Evan had been resting with me and decided to let 'er rip all over me. At least we made it halfway to the bathroom and it wasn't all over my bed. These are the small success stories of a day like today. Thankfully, my mom took Braeden and Maggie for a few hours so that I could take that rest. Living two minutes from my mom has exponential perks. If you know her, you know just how lucky I am. I am hoping for a decent night's sleep tonight. That is of course assuming no one else joins the puking train. Tomorrow will be better, I just know it.

Update: Another little man down at 11:00pm. And whereas Evan just mans up and deals with being sick, Braeden is a bit more like his daddy, so he requires a bit more TLC. Night two of sleeping on the floor between their beds and holding a bowl every so often. Thank goodness I'm feeling better.

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