Monday, February 27, 2012


Yesterday we were driving in the car and Evan said "I see a choo choo". Silly me, I looked for a train. I should have known he was talking about the cemetery we were driving past. My parents live on a street that crosses over train tracks right before it ends at a cemetery. Braeden loves trains so when there isn't snow, we often drive down the road to look for trains and drive around the cemetery so we go over the tracks twice. For a while I kept wondering why he always said he saw a choo choo when we rarely do. Then one day we were on a different road and he said he saw a choo choo. That's when I figured out that he was calling the cemetery the choo choo. I bet you're wondering how many more times I will use the word cemetery before I move on. I'm done now.

Evan loves "buckle". With this one, there is no clear association (at least for me) as to why he calls corn on the cob "buckle". He used to use buckle exclusively, but now he tends to interchange them or correct himself by saying corn. It makes me sad that he's already leaving his "Evan words" behind.

One of my favorite things he says is the word my. In Evan language, this is pronounced "muh" very emphatically. If you ask where he lives, he replies "muh house". As is appropriate for an almost 3 year old, he's pretty possessive so we hear a lot of "muh fill in the blank". I can't stop laughing when he gets all mad at Braeden telling him that "Maggie muh sista." To Evan, they clearly can't both be her brother. After all, he only has one of each. Makes a little sense actually. But even "muh" seems to be fading some as he focuses on trying to pronounce words correctly.

This we hear at least 50 times a day. "I play game?" A typical conversation goes like this:

Evan - "I play game?"

Me - "Not right now"

Evan - "Mommy say yes?" (Insert cute face and head tilt)

Me - "No"

Evan - "Say yes" (now getting frustrated, not so cute face)

Me - "Not right now"

Evan - "I play game?" (cute face returns)


I love this child so much and I truly can't believe he will be 3 so soon. There have been so many big changes this year that if I don't write some of them down, they will be distant memories before I realize they're gone. A couple of weeks ago I sent in his paperwork for pre-school next year. How did we get here so fast??

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  1. My favorite saying is "I bine". In Evans world he's always fine and nothing is ever wrong.