Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bowling We Will Go

This morning, my sister-in-law Stacy and I decided rather spur of the moment, to take the kids bowling. Evan absolutely loves bowling on the Wii. Braeden had a birthday party at the bowling alley last weekend and I told Evan that since he couldn't go to that, we would take him sometime this week. Okay, I admit, I forgot that conversation. But when Stacy called to see if we wanted to go today I jumped at the chance to let Evan have a go at bowling in a real bowling alley for the very first time. Makes it look like I didn't forget after all. He was SO excited. He actually did really well for an almost 3 year old. My utmost admiration for whoever invented bumpers. They really make the kids feel like rock stars.

Braeden, Jason, Evan, Jacob and Ethan ready to bowl

 Jason was pretty serious

 Evan is amazed to be holding  a real bowling ball

 Off it goes

 Braeden.. well, I can't explain his facial expressions today

 Ethan is all about form

 Jacob was great about helping the younger kids

This has to be one of my most favorite series of Evan pictures ever. It's as if you can see the concentration and determination to will that ball to knock down all the pins. He actually did get a couple of 9's. He bowled a 61. Not bad for the first time in his life.

 Throw the ball..

 Anxiously watch as the ball slowly makes it way..

 Will it to knock down those pins!

 In case you were wondering, Maggie was there too. She preferred to dance to the rockin' bowling alley music.

Evan was done with everything by this point. And again Braeden, what's with that face??

We all had a really good time. The kids all needed to get out and our bowling alley is constantly giving out free passes so we only had to pay for the shoes. Budget friendly and fun. That's my kind of day. Tomorrow it's off to the butterfly museum. 

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