Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Real Stars of the Show

I feel like I'm the announcer at the circus, though I'm sure the circus person has a much more important title than Announcer. Anyway, allow me to introduce why I haven't slept an entire night in just over five years...

Braeden is my oldest having just turned 5. This amazing boy made me a momma for the first time.  I love him beyond words. He is sweet, compassionate, helpful and loving. Of course he is also stubborn and a very picky eater. He has always been a rule follower, which is good and bad. I love that he respects boundries, etc., but there are also times I wish he would just be a kid and go for it. He loves school and spending time with his friends. He has always been a Thomas the Train fan (and I think fan might be an understatement) and in the last year has added an interest in cars and monster trucks to his activities. Thank goodness, I can only play trains so much.

The second time around, I figured I was more prepared. I already had this mothering thing down. I knew how to change and feed a baby. I had all the stuff I needed. Yeah, piece of cake. And it was.. for the first year. Then Evan started to become the spirited, always moving and touching boy that is now about to be 3. I love him immeasurably, but man oh man does this child give me a run for my money! He's not by any means a hard child to handle, just busy, busy, busy and also quite stubborn just like his brother. Well, let's just let the picture below introduce you to the real Evan..

And I suppose it's important to know that Evan loves the Wii so much, I used time to play as his motivation for potty-training. Well done Momma if I do say so myself.

And last, but absolutely not least, my beautiful baby girl. I was quite content with my two boys when we were lucky enough to find out that our family was growing again. We had never learned the gender of a baby, but I really wanted to know this time. The ultra sound tech found the baby and said "now you know". Now I know what? I've never seen this part of an ultrasound before lady. Is it a boy or a girl?? And by the amazing grace of God, it was my sweet little girl. I never knew how much I desired a daughter until I had one. It doesn't change anything about my love for my boys, but I'm glad we didn't give up after Evan. What would our life be like without Maggie? She is all smiles, barely cries, sleeps great and is desperate to crawl these days. At just 7 months, she's all about feeding herself, which is rather difficult with no teeth, but she's giving it her best. I love her determination!

Oh how I love these babies. I am a very lucky woman. A very lucky woman indeed.