Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moving On Up

Friday was an exciting day in our house. Not only was it T-ball day, which is by far the highlight of our week these days, but it was also the Teddy Bear Tea at school for incoming kindergartners. This is the first year that our school has offered the opportunity for the kids to come in early and check out the rooms and meet the teachers. Usually they have to wait until the open house day in September. I thought it was really great and it was a nice first look at what's to come for Braeden. While he already attends preschool in the same building, the preschool is pretty insulated and doesn't venture far out of their own spaces. His teacher will take those kids who are old enough for kindergarten next year for a visit to each classroom in the next couple of weeks which will also help Braeden to feel more comfortable with the transition. I'm thrilled that he already knows what it looks like and who the teachers are so that he has all summer to get used to the idea of a full day school day without worrying about all of the unknowns that come with a new building and new faces.

 Working on his "who came with you today?" drawing
The finished product
Cool block toys
 Checking out "big kid" toys
I think they like it!

I can't believe that I am sending Braeden to kindergarten next year. I remember the details about the day we found out we were expecting him so vividly that I can't believe it's been six years since I called Roman to tell he we were pregnant. My world changed forever that day and Braeden has brought so much joy to my life. I don't know who's going to need more adjustment to his growing up, him or me! I truly believe that he is ready to move on. He's been in preschool for two years, which he definitely needed, but now it's time for new adventures. He misses school when he's not there and loves to learn so I know that he'll be ready and do great. I'll try really hard not to cry on the last day of this year, but I make no promises. Yes, I'm that mom. Lucky Braeden. 

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