Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hitting The Town

How do you know you're getting old? Just go to a bar at 9:30pm on a Friday night! Even though it was already after dinner for us, it was apparently too early to be out. Ironically for most of us, it was too late to be out, HA!

Last night was so much fun. I got to go out with a truly special group of women. Of course Stacy was there, because I don't go anywhere without her being there too, and some friends I've made recently who have quickly become good friends who I look forward to sharing many memories with, as well as a couple of people I had never met, but whose company I enjoyed very much. I mentioned in a post earlier this week that we were going out for dinner and dancing, but the restaurant was closed for a private party last night so we went to a different place instead.

Dinner was so much fun. We laughed so hard!! There were lots of stories that only a group of mom's (and one single girl) would share, as well as tales of the past, discussions of weddings and so much more. We had a private room so we could be loud and stay as long as we wanted; we took full advantage of both!
It took about an hour to get the waitress to finally take a picture

A toast to the night and the future!

The Zumba Girls

Most of the women attend zumba classes taught by Katie (red hair in the back). I continue to hold out because 1) I don't dance, and 2) I am not much for public humiliation. However, those that do go love it and are convinced that they are going to get Sherri and I (the last two holdouts) to a class sooner or later. 

The Non-Zumba Girls

After we finished our dinner and paid the bill twice (the waitress may or may not have made a bit of an oops), we headed out to "hit the town".

We tried a couple of places, but I guess they weren't happening enough (I have no real reference because I'm not usually in bars), so we attempted to wait until the dancing place opened to the public at 11:00. But by 10:15, all but two people were done and headed home. We are so exciting! Quite frankly, we are all mom's who needed to get up this morning and go on with every day life. Everyone needs nights like last night to remind us that we are still people, not just someones mom. We can still have lots of fun, albeit a very different kind of fun than years past, and laugh until our stomach's hurt. Last night reminded me of what I missed in the past, but better yet, shows me what I have to look forward to in the future.

Making friends when we are adults is difficult. Often times the only thing we know about each other is which kids belong to whom. It is so important to reach out and take a chance. I have found in forcing myself to do just that that most other women at some point in their lives feel just as isolated as I did. Not everyone you meet has to be a BFF, but it's really important to widen the circle of people you know even if it's simply to have someone to count on when you're in a pinch. I can't even properly come up with the words to describe the change that making new friends has had on my life, but it is significant and I am forever grateful.

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