Saturday, May 12, 2012

2nd Annual JEHH 5K Kringle Candle Chase

Today was the 2nd Annual JEHH 5K Kringle Candle Chase. The event is in honor of a woman I grew up with and her newborn son Chase who both passed away the day he was born two years ago. I volunteered to help out so I picked my friend Erin up at 6:45am and we were on our way. I've never been to a 5K before because I am not a runner. But I knew I wanted to volunteer so I signed up for that and then decided with a couple of friends that we might as well walk in the actual event too. Maybe we'll run it next year. Or the next.. Let's just say running it is a goal for the future. It was so much fun to see people I hadn't seen in a very long time and be a part of something so incredibly worthwhile. The proceeds from the event are being used to redo the playground at the local elementary school that Jill and both of her brothers attended. It's great because now both of her brothers have moved back to town and their kids will go there too. 

Adam getting the party started

Erin, Kelly and I getting ready to start
 (I have 3 shirts on - that probably wasn't the greatest choice, but it was 40 degrees when I left home)

Waiting for the start

We did it!

50 minutes and 43 seconds later we crossed the finish line. Not great, but considering Kelly was pushing a stroller, we didn't do terribly. We didn't get lapped by anyone, so yay for that. It leaves lots of room for improvement for next year. In comparison, Adam's 5 year old son crossed the finish line around the 37 minute mark. Maybe we'll try to keep up with him next year. Although he'll be a year older and a foot taller so he'll probably best his time by about 15 minutes. Maybe our goal will just be to beat our own time. If we all manage to get it together and run, we should be able to beat it by a lot! 


  1. My hope is to join in the fun next year in person!!!

  2. I came in over an hour, I am going to be faster next year! It was fun, though.