Friday, May 11, 2012

The Creamie

The Northfield Creamie has been a summertime attraction in our town for a very long time. It has changed owners several times during my lifetime and was even hit by a bus a while back! Most recently it was purchased by a wonderful man named Tim and his family and it has become a place where you are almost guaranteed to find a friend also out for a sweet treat. It has always been a gathering place after baseball games and they even play cool music and once in a while have live music. It's a really great Northfield tradition. 

My family has pizza night at my parent's house every Friday night and since Tim purchased the business, a creamie (soft serve ice-cream) has been our dessert from the end of April until Labor Day. My parents live just down the street so our small parade makes its way down the sidewalk every Friday night for our ice-cream. Our kids anxiously wait each spring for the day when they see signs of activity that let us know that Tim has returned from California to begin another season of yummy treats. The best part is that they not only do sprinkles there, they have a whole board of sprinkles choices. There are Red Sox sprinkles (red and white), John Deere sprinkles (yellow and green), my favorite Princess sprinkles (a mix of pastels) and many, many more. I can go months without getting the same sprinkles twice! 

Tonight we let Maggie get the "itty bitty" for the first time. She turned 10 months old today so it was a nice little way to celebrate. The "itty bitty" is the teeniest cone ever with about a tablespoon of ice-cream. It's perfect for the little ones before they are ready for a kiddie cone. 

She's in the "ice-cream stroller" from my mom's house so that our stroller doesn't get all sticky and wet.

Hey Grammy, she finally gave me some!

She actually didn't love the ice-cream, but she did eat the whole cone. She wore some, but the stroller was completely clean when she was done. It's such fun to share this family tradition with my children. 

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  1. What a great family tradition!!! And Maggie is such a doll. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :-)