Monday, May 14, 2012

And Now It's Over

This is the last post about Teacher Appreciation Week 2012. I'm documenting it mostly for personal reference in the future, though if anyone feels like borrowing ideas, please do. The end of the week brought the last two raffle prizes, the drawing for the door prize and the teacher luncheon on Friday.

 The staff gifts for Thursday 

The support staff got bags of various mints with a tag that said "thanks for your commit-mint to our children". We tied each bag with a piece of ribbon and put their names on the back side of the tag.

The teachers each got a post-it notepad. We attached 5x7 card stock cards to a piece of foam board and then glued post-its to the top. The original idea uses an acrylic stand-up frame to hold the card stock, but that is for people with much bigger budgets or fewer to make. We were very happy with the way ours came out. I think you could actually put a magnet strip on the back of the foam too if the teacher had a file cabinet in their room.

The raffle prize for Thursday was Summertime Fun. It included sunscreen, a tumbler cup that we added bright summer-colored polka dots to and two gift certificates to the Northfield Creamie.

Friday was the teacher luncheon and the parents at NES did not disappoint. There was so much food I imagine they are still eating it today. One mom brought a 30 inch huge sandwich which was great because several classes were headed out on field trips and were able to pack some sandwich, chips and fruit so that they could still get lunch. We brought in Tupperware containers for the staff that would be leaving the building. It worked out really well.

The last raffle prize on Friday was Green Thumb and included a large pot, some garden gloves, and four New Guinea Impatiens plants. I think the teacher who won them will really enjoy her prize. I heard the entire fourth grade was in her room cheering for her when her name was announced at dismissal.

It was a great week. I think Stacy and I will start planning a bit earlier next year so it doesn't become one big rush, but considering we didn't know we were doing it until a month ago, it went very well. And now we rest. 


  1. Sounds like it was a fun week at NES. I'm sure the teachers appreciated all the hard work you and the rest of the PTO put into this week.