Saturday, May 19, 2012

Look What I Found

Recently I've been using a small point and shoot camera because it's easier to carry around with me. But yesterday I got my DSLR out again because I was home and wanted to get some pictures of the kids. When I went to load the pictures on the computer I realized that there were a bunch on there that hadn't been uploaded yet that I had forgotten about. I love fun surprises! Especially when they are cute pictures of my kids. I feel kind of bad that Braeden isn't in any of these pictures, but he must have been at school.

 Grilled cheese anyone?


How about that? If I raise my arms, I can block him right out of the picture :)

 Please... just let me out there!!

Birthday presents delivered all the way from Virginia.

Morning hair.

Being super helpful..

Snoozing after a walk.

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