Monday, May 21, 2012

And That Brings Us Back to Monday

We had another busy, but great weekend in our house. I got lots accomplished and even managed to squeeze in a little fun. On Friday I dropped off a blanket and bucket that I made for a friend's niece so that she could take it to the baby shower with her on Saturday. 

The green doesn't really look that yellow in person. It's actually super cute. 

On Saturday we had lots of time to play. The weather was so nice that we filled up the kiddie pool and let the kids have all the fun they could stand in the freezing cold water. I asked Evan if he was ready to put up his "big kid" swing on the swing-set and he got really excited so we took down the trusty blue swing and replaced it with the other regular swing that came with our swing-set. 

Evan was so excited and proud of himself for being able to use the big kid swing and I am equally as excited that I no longer have to take him in and out of the little one. It's a win-win for sure. And yes, he does always wear rain boots unless they are, ironically, too wet to wear (from going in the pool with them on).

I was really looking forward to yesterday because I had gotten a ketchup and mustard rose bush (uh-huh, that's really the name - pretty cool right?) for Mother's Day when I went to the flower place with my family and my mom, and we planted it yesterday. 

I decided it would be the first plant in my perennial garden and since my mom was there when I got it, it would be my generations rose bush representing my mom, myself and Maggie. 

And because I just so hate to not be doing something.. I decided that since we got a new handle for our front door on Saturday, I needed to paint the front door. I don't love the door itself, and with just the primer, which is how it's looked since we put it in 3 years ago, it was pretty unattractive. I'd been thinking that I would like a dark grey door and shutters and now seemed like a great time to try the color out. So I got my dad to mix me some paint after church this morning and I gave the door a little make-over. 

From this... 

to this. 
I still don't really like the door style, but I love the color. 

What did you do over the weekend?


  1. I like the color of the door. Don't you love good weather weekends!? It was so nice I didn't want it to end!

  2. Love that bucket, Theresa! So cute.

    The boys' "school" is called Kid's Day Out. It's not officially school, but they do learn a lot! It's just preparation for real school. ; )

  3. I love my prennial garden!! It's so beautiful to see them come back year after year, and when winter's finishing up it does my heart good to see the fresh blooms peaking up...I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!!