Monday, April 2, 2012

In Answer to the Burning Questions...

I know the 10 or 12 people who read here are dying to know what is going on with all the pressing issues in the Uh-Oh post. I'm sure it's incredibly important to you to know if we can shower at our own house yet or if the IRS is going to come and put us in jail.

Well for starters, no, we do not have a working sewer system yet. As a result we can still only use the toilet and sink in the bathroom downstairs. The kitchen sink and our entire upstairs bathroom are out of commission until the plumber arrives, hopefully after lunch today. The big question is whether or not he will be able to fix it or if we are going to need someone to come in and roto-root or highly pressurize our pipes. I don't even know what pressurizing a pipe is, but I can guarantee it's more expensive than the fancy camera I own but don't know how to use. Of course this is a great time of year to have something go wrong what with tax refunds being issued and all.. except that ours have been delayed because of some government workers oversight.

I'm not going to make a grand blanket statement about government workers in general, but seriously people, get it together. Apparently the issue with the federal government not being able to find Maggie in their SS database is the reason that our Massachusetts return got flagged too. Now the state of MA is questioning whether or not she really exists. They are threatening to take away our Earned Income Credit (you know that beautiful deduction you get just for having kids) because they can't verify Maggie's information. I assure you my dear home state, she is real and beautiful, and funny, and full of love... Oh wait, this post isn't about how much my youngest makes my heart expand with love and pride. Bottom line, the accountant is taking care of it. The only real problem we have is that now both of our refunds are going to be in our account way later than we planned. I heart you tax people. Yeah, just kidding.

As for the family I asked you to pray for; things continue to get better. They have had many prayers answered up to this point, but could certainly still use them. The next month will bring much uncertainty that will hopefully be overshadowed by wonderful joy and love. It's been a bumpy, emotional ride, but I'm sure they would tell you it's been worth it one hundred times over.

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