Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hardly a Sanctuary

When I watch HGTV or glance through magazines, I always see designers discussing how a bedroom should be a sanctuary. A place of peace and tranquility where the rest of life's chaos can be left behind. I don't know about everyone else in the real world, but mine is the polar opposite of that. It is the place where things with no other home land. The room where all laundry both dirty and clean and folded lives until it is washed or put away. Soon, at least the kids laundry will be in their own rooms because I'm getting an Initials, Inc. tote for each room so they have a place for their own dirty clothes. That should at least lessen the laundry pile.

One of the biggest problems with our room cannot be changed - it is a small square room. Each wall has a door or a window and we have too much furniture for the space. We can't really remove any of the furniture though because we need it for storage. So what to do? I want to at least like the way my room looks. I don't want to simply use it to sleep and store random toys, books, movies, etc.

I have a small scale plan to make it a little more inviting. I started by finally getting some curtains. I figured after living here for 5 years, it was about time. I got these from the shabby chic collection at Target a couple of weeks ago and I really like them.
Simply Shabby Chic® Embroidered Batiste Balloon Shade - 60x63".Opens in a new window

I also asked for these beautiful pictures from PhotoLadz on Etsy for Mother's Day. I am going to frame them and put them over my bedside table. The purple flower picture is one of my favorite's EVER. I am so excited to finally be getting it to add some tranquility to my room. There is one other purple flower print that I'm getting with the set, but I couldn't find it on the Etsy site. 

Delicate Pink Rain Flower - An 8x10 Photography Print - Rain drops on the pretty pink petals - affordable art- nursery art

Finally, I bought some fabrics on sale last year with the intention of making a quilt or comforter cover for our bed. It's been months and I still have the fabric and the best of intentions, but I have yet to get the time to actually put it together. I'm hopeful that I will love that new bedding so much that it will somehow magically transform the room and draw the eyes right away from the clutter.

I will probably not ever consider the room a sanctuary, but I hope to at least make it less of an eye sore. I can live with that for now. 

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