Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Day of T-Ball

Thank goodness Stacy took pictures of Braeden for me. She as a great eye for photography and takes amazing pictures. I am very grateful to have some from Braeden's first day. Thanks Stacy! 

The kids have been asking for weeks when T-ball was going to start. For one reason or another we weren't able to get practices scheduled until this week. Yesterday was the day! No more waiting impatiently for the little guys who had seen the older kids practicing the last few weeks. It was their turn to take the field. They all did so great. I was a little surprised, but thrilled to see how quickly they picked up the skills we were working on, and the majority of them had improved at one thing or another by the end of practice. The only real downfall was the weather. It was cold and very windy. It sure didn't dampen the enthusiasm though. Only a few kids even noticed it was cold out. The others were too busy running around, hitting, throwing and fielding. 

Warming up with a run around the bases

Batter Up!

Ready to field

Charging the ball

End of practice run around the bases

So proud that it's finally their turn to play

I think I was as excited as they were to finally get started. I loved being an athlete growing up and I'm glad that Braeden has become so excited about playing. Hopefully next week the weather will be better and Evan and Maggie will be able to come watch. Nothing says spring like quality family time at the baseball field!


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  2. I love that the "N" is still the same font as it was in 1986!!!