Friday, April 27, 2012

Is It That Time Already??

Tomorrow marks a bittersweet day for me. The time has come to pass some of our baby essentials on to others who need them. While we can't give up everything just yet, we will be clearing our house of bouncy seats, our baby swing, and one of our two cribs. Bye-bye baby tub, bye-bye bassinet. I can clearly remember my baby showers when I received several of these items and I'm blown away that we are already through this stage of life.

Braeden - 2007

Evan - 2009

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot about the Boppy and the infant seat for the car. I'm pretty sure those two items alone make this a permanent decision. 

Maggie - 2011

I'm finding the reality of all of this difficult. I know in my mind that we are done having babies, but my heart cannot come to terms with that information. It is time to move forward and begin the next phase of life, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I will miss those newborn moments. I am having trouble adjusting to the idea of not seeing the baby swing sitting in our basement, even though it hasn't been used in months. To admit that I will never need to install a car seat base in the car again, or heave a 20lb car seat around with a baby secured snugly inside.

Tomorrow will come whether I'm ready or not, and it will be time to let this baby gear go. Hopefully some other family will get some quality use out of it. For our family, it is time to move on and have new experiences as our children continue to grow. I'm guessing that soon enough, I will be glad to have three kids who walk, talk, and have various levels of independence. But until then, I will likely shed a tear or two as we pass our things along to new homes.

Wow, it really is that time already.