Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Day in Pictures

Yesterday was a day full of activity in our house. In between school and the excitement of the plumber climbing on the roof, we got a lot done. 

I hung up my yard bell
I cannot begin to explain how much I love this piece of pottery. It is not only beautiful, but my very talented aunt made it. 

Maggie got some sun

and practiced her modeling poses.

(Her Aunt Jane would be very proud of that pout)

Evan busied himself taking pictures of me taking pictures of him.

He also did some modeling, or perhaps his were just creepy faces. 

Braeden finished making a book about The Sqeakquel. (The second Chipmunks movie)

Played trains

and read the Bible. 
This child just can't get enough information about Jesus right now. He's fascinated by the Passion story we heard in church on Sunday. I know it looks like I set him up for this shot, but it's the way I found him when I walked into the living room. 

Maybe we didn't get a lot of "important" things done, but we did have lots of fun and I'm pretty sure that's what my kids will remember.

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