Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fun With Fish!

We took a quick overnight trip to Mystic, Connecticut this week to go see the new Titanic exhibit at the Mystic Aquarium. Braeden has become very interested in the Titanic since he took the Magic Treehouse book about the Titanic out from the library. What a fortunate time to gain interest since there has been limitless information available recently with the 100th anniversary this month. Since Roman's school vacation was a week behind everybody else (New Hampshire likes to be different), he and I decided to give the kids a fun little getaway.

We were there right at opening and it felt like we were having our own private experience. One of the workers told us that last week had been the busiest week ever for them. We were right up front for everything and could stand and look at things for as long as we wanted. I could have watched the beluga whales all day. I love how they swim right up to the glass and play with you.

Evan's favorite was the penguins. He got excited when he saw them and we had to go back and see them again before we left. They were also performing for the crowd.

We tried to see all of the outdoor exhibits before going to the Titanic, but Braeden couldn't wait a second longer so we ventured over to the indoor exhibits to check it out. He was just looking around in awe at the iceberg and the pictures and the computerized replica of one of the boiler doors. He sat and watched the video about the discovery of the ship on the ocean's floor for a few minutes, but then he was back to exploring.

I thought it was pretty sobering, especially the replica of the stone with the boots and shoes that hadn't disintegrated over time.

Evan and Maggie were more interested in all of the fish. Maggie loved staring at the tanks and seeing all of the colorful fish swimming around.

Evan, always our adventurous one, even touched a shark! He wasn't as willing to stick his hand in with the sting rays. I wouldn't have touched either, so he's way ahead of me in the willingness to try new things.

We had such a great day there. The aquarium has so many wonderful fish and plenty of hands-on activities for the kids that it's impossible not to enjoy yourself. The kids all loved it there and I'm sure we'll return again in the future.

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