Monday, April 9, 2012

Cookies, Cupcakes, and GRASS!

I wasn't part of the actual cooking for Easter this year, but I took it upon myself to try out several different dessert/candy creations. On Friday I started with these cookies. They were delicious and super simple to make.

That same afternoon I decided to give making a candy centerpiece a try. I used 6 bags of candy plus peeps and still ran out before I got to the top. 

On Saturday I made the Easter cake that Braeden decorated

and some cupcakes to take to our last stop of the day on Easter.

Most importantly, in honor of the reason we celebrate Easter...
The tomb!

The grass grew well but didn't fill in as much as it would have if we had planted it sooner. The crosses made a huge difference in completing the picture of what the project was really representing. I think it came out great and was a really good tool to help the kids understand about the tomb and how Jesus rose from the dead. I'm really happy we did it and Braeden was thrilled to share it with anyone who would look at it. 

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