Monday, April 16, 2012

Ready, Set, Blow!

We celebrated Evan's birthday yesterday afternoon. The weather held on so that the kids could play outside. There is really nothing I enjoy more than the sounds of kids laughing and having a good time outdoors. The new truck went around and around the house along with the gator and a parade of bikes. Maggie slept through some of it but woke up soon enough to enjoy trying blueberries for the first time. She was definitely a fan! Evan not so patiently waited all day to be able to have cake. Presents are great but in Evan's mind, cake is better. He only managed to get one piece of Twizzler off of it before the party despite his many efforts to eat it all as he waited for guests to arrive.




Time came for presents and Evan was a little overwhelmed, but did a good job getting through the gifts and saying his thank you's. He got into the spirit by the last couple of bags.
What's all this tissue paper for anyway?

A new bowling set!

The present that will last a lifetime - HA!

Maggie waited a little while, but soon enough she had to check out the gifts. 

Evan got a little time to play before bed.

I hope Evan has lots of great memories from the weekend. He was so excited for his birthday this year and was delighted by all of the celebrating. I can't believe he's three!!

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