Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things That Surprise Me Even Though They Shouldn't

I often find that there are things that surprise me even though they shouldn't. There's nothing out of the ordinary about them. They are a totally regular parts of society, but because they aren't a part of my immediate life or routine, I forget that other people still use, don't use, or do them.

  1. People smoking. I know that there are plenty of people that still smoke, but because no one in my world does and there are so many places that are smoke free, I forget that not everyone in the world quit. 
  2. People without their own shopping bags at the grocery store. I have been taking my bags with me for years now and I am honestly shocked when I see someone else in the check-out having their groceries  bagged in paper or plastic. I"m not judging you if you still use either of those. To each their own with shopping bags..
  3. Telephone booths. Who knew these still existed anywhere? 
  4. Someone who doesn't have a cell phone. I don't know how this is even possible but it's true! Come on people, even my grandparents have them. 
  5. People not wearing seat belts. Tell me again why you wouldn't want to be safe?? I have family members who buckle the belt BEHIND them just so that they can say the seat belt is "clicked" if they were to get stopped by the police. Honestly, what is the harm in helping to prevent your own injury or death? I feel like I'm going to fall out of my seat without a seat belt on. I totally don't understand why anybody wouldn't wear one.
Is there anything that surprises you even though it shouldn't?


  1. So many things T... <3
    I ALWAYS forget my grocery bags! ALWAYS!

  2. I'm always surprised when people can't get out of their own way for a few seconds to be polite to another person.