Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reality Check

My kids fight. My kids are picky eaters. My kids don't always do as they were told. However, my kids are here with me and they are healthy. For that I cannot be thankful enough. I praise God for the health and wellness of my family. Unfortunately, not all parents are as lucky as I am. I personally know several people that have lost babies that they have held in their arms, snuggled and had to say good-bye to. I cannot imagine the pain. Today, a mother who writes one of the blogs I have followed for quite some time, had to write a post relaying that her six year old daughter will not beat her cancer after all. Her time is short here on this earth. My heart hurts for this family that I have never met. If you have any extra prayers, I'm sure they could use them today for Lucy's eventual peace in the hands of God. Hug your children, your spouse, your neighbor... because you just never know.

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  1. Don't know how people survive that Theresa! Sending prayers, positive thoughts, love.