Friday, June 29, 2012

A Day Out With Thomas

In the five years of Braeden's life, he has probably spent two solid years worth of time playing with his Thomas trains. He played with them every single day for a while when he was 2 and 3. Even though he has many other interests now and doesn't play with trains nearly as often, he still loves them. We've never taken him to A Day Out With Thomas before, so we took him this year before he's too old to want to go anymore. Fortunately my mom took Maggie for the day so that she wouldn't have to spend the entire day between the car, a stroller and being held. That child is a very free spirit and would not enjoy that much containment in one day. We set out after breakfast for Southeast Massachusetts to make sure we arrived on time. 

Not so patiently waiting. I think he asked if we were there yet about 15 times.

Finally, we arrived!

It was at least 95 degrees out and I had sweat dripping down my face. The boys are so red in the pictures because it was sooo hot. But they didn't seem to mind at all. I don't think Roman and I would agree. We were counting the minutes until we could get back into our air-conditioned car. 

I'm not sure why they look so pained.. I'll just blame it on the heat. 

Oh my goodness... there he is!! (I'm not really a Thomas fan, but I'm trying to convey the excitement of the boys.)

Watching Thomas pull into the station.

On board!

Edaville is a small amusement park that does various themed train rides throughout the year. They have lots of kid friendly rides that are included in the price of your train ticket. The boys weren't really into the rides, but they did enjoy the old tractors and truck inside the gift shop building.

Really cool horse swings.

Braeden's favorite was the ball pit. 

They even let you fish for free. I helped Braeden catch his fish, but he gave daddy all the credit for helping because he actually touched it to release it. I guess that's okay. You won't ever catch me touching a fish; that is definitely not my thing. You go daddy. 

Braeden, Daddy and the fish who was quickly released. 

We had a fun day with the boys. I don't remember the last time that we went somewhere like that that I wasn't pregnant or carrying a child around in my arms. It was kind of strange feeling, but I'm not complaining! The drive was long, but Braeden was so happy that we are really happy that we were able to give him the opportunity. As a bonus, the picture that we bought from the photographers there of Braeden standing in front of Thomas is fantastic and I'm excited to be able to frame it. We rarely get that lucky with those pictures. I'm quite sure this was our one and only experience seeing Thomas in person and don't tell Braeden, but I'm okay with that. 

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  1. How fun! All 4 of my boys were at one time Thomas My youngest still is. Looks like your boys enjoyed themselves.