Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last Day of School

Braeden finished his last day of preschool yesterday. Oh how quickly two years can go by. It's hard to believe he's going to be in kindergarten in September. 

 First Day - Sept. 2011
Last Day - June 2012

While he still prefers to wear his hats too big, just about everything else has changed. He's taller and the whole shape of his body has changed into that of a "big kid". He has become more coordinated and his interest in sports grew about 100% this year. He's gained confidence and made lots of new friends. It's been a wonderful year of getting ready for the big show (kindergarten).

Unfortunately, the program that he has been in at our school for the last two years won't be offered next year so we will need to make a different plan for Evan. I am very sad that Evan won't have the same school experience as Braeden, but at least the change comes before he's starting school rather than after. We'll make it work, we always do. We'll miss his teacher very much, but hopefully if the school brings the program back in the future, she will be available to return as well. 

Mrs. Freeman and Braeden on the last day

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