Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exhibit B

Remember this post about the suitcase? Since Roman reads my blog, I knew he'd never move it after seeing that. So as expected, I moved the suitcase two feet into our storage room. I have to tell you, it took me almost 10 seconds so I can totally understand why he didn't do it originally. I actually find these situations more funny than annoying. The differences between men and women absolutely fascinate me.

And now I present Exhibit B. 

This bowl has been in the corner of our living room IN PLAIN SIGHT for over a week. Roman is really good about cleaning up dishes he sees in the living room so I'm not sure if he really hasn't seen it or if going behind the chair to get it is an obstacle larger than he's willing to hurdle. Either way, I picked up the bowl this morning. And now this all too boring story comes to an end. Sorry. I hope I find some actual blog inspiration really soon because I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear about what resides under my bed...

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