Monday, June 11, 2012

T-Ball Game

Yesterday, I had an AMAZING afternoon. Our t-ball team had their one and only game of the season and I am beyond proud of how the kids played. Everything that Michelle and I have worked on all season paid off because these kiddos got it. They hit, they fielded and they even made outs. I know that may not sound like a big deal, but they are 4 and 5 years old! They were throwing the ball well and the kids who were playing the bases were catching and hanging on to the ball in their gloves. It was all we could ever have asked for from these little guys. I'm glad there was another team willing to play a game because the kids were all so thrilled to be able to use the dugouts and feel like the "big" peewee kids. It was truly awesome and an event I will not soon forget. As always, I am incredibly grateful to Stacy for taking pictures for me because it's not exactly possible to coach, be the catcher and take pictures at the same time. Roman took a few too, but he was pretty busy entertaining Evan and Maggie while the game was going on. 
A warm up run around the bases

Ready position

Enjoying the big kids dugout

Batter Up!

Braeden scored twice!


 The Three Amigos

Ice cream to celebrate a great game!

We used the game as a way to end the season for both teams and gave out ice cream to all of the kids at the end. I'm so glad that we pushed for t-ball for the younger kids because they were all ready to play and now they're even more excited for next year. We had a great group of kids and a very supportive and dedicated group of parents who we could never have been as successful without. Thanks everyone for a great season!

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