Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Good Times Keep On Rollin'

Thursday was such a fun day and I really thought we'd take a break and stay home for a couple of days, but it's summer after all. We can rest in September! Friday we ended up going to play mini-golf and get some ice-cream. I was playing too so I didn't take any pictures, but writing it down is better than nothing and I'll have to rely on the memories of Evan getting two hole-in-ones, Maggie actually playing for the first two holes and Braeden working so hard to putt properly the way Mike taught him at golf lessons last summer. The boys had fun while Maggie gave up completely around the 9th hole. I went and got her some ice-cream to keep her occupied while we watched Roman and the boys finish. We went right from there to pizza night at my parents. Braeden and Jason spent another evening diligently watching the DVD that came with Braeden's magic set. Jason is like Houdini to him and he wants to be just like his big cousin. It's very cute.

On Saturday we were changing out the rug in our bedroom and decided that the furniture that we have, sadly, really is too big for the room. It was great in our much bigger bedroom when we lived in New Haven, but now we have too many pieces in a small space. So around 9:30 we decided that a trip to IKEA was in order to see if they had anything that we liked. The kids were more than happy for a road trip and we called Roman's mom and had her meet us for lunch when we got down there. Unfortunately Maggie cried every time she looked at her so I spent the entire time with an almost two year old hiding in my shoulder. But anyway, the restaurant was right near Toys R Us so we took a quick trip to find treasures. The boys almost expect to go there when we see Roman's family because any time we take them to visit we feel bad about how it went and end up offering a trip to Toys R Us to make ourselves feel better for putting them through it. Yes, I know this isn't the best plan, but it was something that started a long time ago and since we only go see them every year or two, it's really not that bad.

The trip to IKEA was great and we found a bedroom set that we really like. It's a matter of seeing if we can sell our existing furniture first though. And then today we had a visit from one of our dearest friends from our time living in CT. We were able to visit for a little while. I wish it had been longer. We really miss her and need to make it a priority to be in contact more frequently. So much fun in only a few days! It's early to bed tonight though because Braeden has to be at baseball camp bright and early tomorrow morning. And I will be headed on a little shopping trip to keep my mind off of my "baby" being at camp all day :)

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  1. Sounds like a great day. We don't have an IKEA here and I really with that we did. Mini golf sounds like fun!