Thursday, June 13, 2013

T-Ball 2013

I can't believe that t-ball season is over already! I truly feel like we were just doing sign-ups. It's amazing how quickly 2013 is moving. We had our last practice for the year yesterday and I was sorry to have to say goodbye to my little players. They were all so improved this year and came a long way over the course of the season. I will likely be sending most of them to Farm Team next year. Crazy!!

We had one game again this year against the other t-ball team in our town. I knew they were ready and they did awesome! They were actually making plays and getting outs. It was so fun to watch. They were all very proud of themselves and I was super proud of them too.

 Serious fielding

 Beating the runner to the plate

Waiting to bat

I am so proud of Braeden. He has come a long way since last year. He can hit a pitched ball now and is throwing and catching with much more success. I love watching him get excited about the game as he gets better and more confident. He's going to baseball camp with several of the other players in a couple of weeks and I'm sure that will help him improve his skills even more. 

Thanks to Stacy and her as usual awesome picture taking abilities, I was able to give each child a team and an individual picture as well as a collage of pictures she had taken during the season. I had so much fun making the collages because the kids are all so unique the pictures did a great job highlighting their personalities. 

Braeden's collage

Now if I can just convince Evan to play next year.. 


  1. Hi, Theresa! I just hoped over here from Tracy's blog at Our Little Family of 6 and was actually quite floored by the similarities in our family's (and children's names). Like Tracy and you, I have an Evan (my first born who is 6), and then I have a son named Brody who is 2. We are expecting little Mattie to join our family in a couple of weeks. So funny, huh? We love sports, and Evan just finished up coach pitch baseball after two seasons of t-ball. Isn't it so fun (although a little tiring to watch the younger kids while trying to also watch the game)? :-)

  2. Great pictures. I love that you made a collage for each of the kids. That is so sweet and what a great way for them to remember the season!

  3. I love the picture of Braeden with his tounge out! Way too cute! Is there anything cuter than a little boy in a baseball uniform? Glad you all had a great season.