Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Pictures

After I had pictures of my friend Erin's kids done as a birthday gift for her, I realized that it would be a great time to do some pictures for Roman as a Father's Day gift. He's been asking for pictures to take to work and  it's been almost a year since we had pictures of the kids taken anyway, so it all seemed like the perfect plan.

Maggie was not very cooperative because she remembered that when we had been there a few days before, there were balloons. Well she had that one thing in mind and was not going to sit pretty and smile all nice without us giving her a balloon. While we didn't get any amazing pictures of all three of them, what we did get is funny and pretty indicative of all of their personalities at these particular ages.

This picture cracks me up because Maggie wanted no part of it (which explains why I am in it) and the boys are both in the middle of saying "Happy Father's Day". 

I love my munchkins so much and I know that their daddy does too. We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating Father's Day first with breakfast with my dad and then dinner with friends. Lots of food and great company makes the very best kind of days. 

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  1. The pictures are cute! I'd say getting 3 little kids to sit and look at the camera is rather difficult and they are doing that in these so that is a win! lol