Friday, June 7, 2013

Evan's Last Day of School

It's amazing to me to think that it's been 10 months since I had to beg Evan to give school a try. He had no intention of giving up the easy life at home. But once they told him during his home visit that he could paint at school, he was on his way. And he hasn't looked back once.

While I was very sad when we received word last June that the preschool at our elementary school wouldn't be available anymore, it has actually been a wonderful experience at the new school that we chose for Evan. It's definitely more expensive to switch from public to private, but it has been worth every single penny. Evan flourished this year and loved being there spending time with his friends and learning lots of new things. We actually had to add an extra day a week a couple of months in because he was getting stir crazy having too many days off. We love the people, the place and absolutely everything about his school.

First Day - August 2012

Last Day - June 2013

As he told Roman yesterday, he is looking forward to "swimming and being with mom" during the summer break. Seems pretty easy to do and I can't get enough Evan snuggles so it works out for both of us! He's earned it. 


  1. Glad that he had a great school year. He sure has grown a lot!!!

  2. I love seeing the change from the start of school to the end. He is such a cutie! Glad he loved school.