Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let the Summer Begin!

Today was the last day of school for the year for both Braeden and Roman. The excitement level about the last day of school was high this morning as we got ready to drop Braeden off one last time for the year. He was super excited because his teacher had promised gum and soda as a treat for the last day. As he told me over and over, "it's tradition".

Roman came home early and we went to school for Braeden's end of the year gathering which included watching a video of the class doing the Harlem Shake all over the school. It was really fun and the kids were awesome in it! 

First Day                                    Last Day

Maggie made herself comfortable to watch the video

The boys 

Our attempt to get a picture of Braeden and his teacher Ashley

After the program, we busted Braeden, Brayden and Riley out of school a little bit early and summer vacation officially began! We had some pizza for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool and eating dinner at Thayer's house.  

We're looking forward to a very busy, but fun summer packed with lots of activities and the arrival of our puppy Lucy. But first we enjoy the sweet, sweet joy of sleeping a little longer tomorrow and not having to be out of the house at any particular time. Yay for summer. 

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  1. Braeden has really grown a lot this past year! Looks like a fun day in the pool!!! I hope your kiddos sleep in. My kids have been out of school for a little over a month and it hasn't happened yet!