Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meeting Lucy for the First Time

We got the chance tonight to go visit our new puppy! She is super cute and so sweet. I know that we are making the right choice having our first family dog be a Golden. Everyone I talked to about it says that they are about as perfect as you can get for a pet with small children. She willingly let all three of the kids hold her and was very playful until she got tired. We will be able to bring her home at the end of next week. The countdown is on and we are keeping track on a chalkboard in our kitchen. The excitement level is high and Roman and I are doing our best to prepare the kids for what is to come. Will they clean up their toys so that they don't get chewed? Time will tell, but it's a lesson they will learn early if they don't. Seeing her sweet face and snuggling with her made it very real that we will be adding her to our family soon!

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