Saturday, April 27, 2013

Outdoor Fun

This morning I had big plans to get some projects and cleaning done around the house. But.. by 8:00 the kids all wanted to be outside and who am I to say no to fresh air and fun?

We dragged some of our cars down out of the garage attic.
They needed gas after a winter in storage..

We were playing some baseball when the t-ball shirts were dropped off for my team. Obviously Braeden had to change immediately into his "uniform" and pose for a picture. We have our first practice on Wednesday. Thank goodness. I don't think the kids could have waited another week!

Then Daddy came home from work and played a little basketball with us. 

We spent the afternoon playing with our friends who came over to visit. It is just delightful to finally be able to be outside every day. Tomorrow we are looking forward to a baseball game of girls vs. boys with The Thayer's. The kids have been talking about it for days!! 

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