Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Fun-Filled Glorious Day

Today was a day that was simply glorious for me. It wasn't the warmest, though it was quite lovely, but it was filled with all things spring and reminders that the seasons are changing and summer fun is not that far away. I adore summer. Late nights, barbecues with friends, day trips, swimming, fresh vegetables from the garden.. It's just all good!

We started out this morning with a typical routine and it was even a bit chilly. After school drop-offs, Maggie and I headed to Five Acre, our local garden center, and picked up some bigger pots and soil so I could try to transplant the boys sunflowers that were grossly overtaking their teeny pots. We also got some extra sunflower seeds just in case the transplant was unsuccessful. Moms always need a back-up plan. After that we got some cleaning done and played outside. Swinging is my girls most favorite activity. I really think she'd do it for hours at a time if we let her. But let's be honest, no one wants to push a baby swing for hours. This afternoon Evan and I decided to create a new flower garden in the yard so that we had a place to plant our sunflowers when the nights get warm enough. He and Maggie and I found many worms who Evan decided needed to go live in their playhouse. I don't understand the things they do, but I sure do love to watch them explore and carry out their own plans. We played with worms for quite some time. If that doesn't say country folk, then I don't know what does. We also found some interesting rocks that sparkled in the sunlight. It was so much fun!

I intended to go pick Braeden up from school and come back home to finish creating the new "kids garden", but in not unusual fashion, we got sidetracked along the way and didn't make it home until dinner time. I knew that I needed a raffle prize to donate to Evan's school so we visited a local store, Dala Bird to find something wonderful. The owner there is such a lovely woman and she put together a really wonderful basket of goodies that I'd really love to keep for myself! Oh well, maybe I'll win it back. Then since the coffee shop is right there and all, it seemed like the perfect time for some ice coffee and lemonade. The kids then started begging to stop at Brayden and Riley's house to play since they still hadn't forgiven me for what they found to be my missing out on playing for them yesterday. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing baseball, shooting hoops and swinging. The weather was great and we had a blast. Then we finally returned home to finish our garden. I must admit, more worm playing was done. Braeden was just as interested in finding them new homes as the other two were earlier in the day.

What a wonderful day we had! I hope this is the real start of our outside season. Two days in a row of decent temperatures seems like a good sign. I am loving it and can't wait to get some flowers planted to keep all of those worms company!

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